Milltown Arms Tavern

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Carroll St in Cabbagetown

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Most TV shows have a central pub, restaurant or coffee shop where everyone congregates with their friends, they run into old acquaintances and lots of conversation takes place. In How I Met Your Mother it’s McLaren’s. In Frasier it’s Cafe Nervosa. In Seinfeld it’s Tom’s Restaurant. If my life were a TV show my place would be Milltown Arms Tavern. It’s the place where everyone from The Stacks and Cabbagetown hang out. On any given night I can walk in, and know there will 10 people I know there already. They’ll be bellied up to the bar chatting with bartenders Clay and HJ, playing Big Buck Hunt, competing in trivia, throwing darts or just kicking back with a beer. They’ve got a great menu of bar food. Here’s my review on all the grub I’ve had there:
Jumbo Wings – These are a regular thing for me. I get them in hot sauce, and they’re just right…not extremely hot but they still have some kick. These might be Cabbagetown’s best wings, but if you want Atlanta’s best wings try out the smoked wings at The Albert or Fox Bros BBQ.
Stuffed Pretzel – I love this pretzel on a late night when I just want a snack. The jalapeño ranch dressing is perfect.
Tots – If you want a basket of social food you found it here. People will be sure to gather round when you’ve got tots to share.
Chicken Rolls – These rolls are incredible as they’re stuffed with chicken, cheese and other deliciousness.
Hummus Plate – I’ve never ordered this myself, but my friend Jenny orders it every time. The bites she’s shared with me have been real good.
Caesar Salad – When I want some healthy food versus bar food I opt for this salad with grilled chicken.
Burgers – I’m not a big burger guy, but I have tried the one with a fried egg. It was good, but my homemade fried egg sandwiches will put it to shame.
Salmon BLT – I love salmon, and I love sandwiches. One would think the two might go together, but they really don’t. Lettuce and tomato just don’t compliment salmon as well as rice and vegetables.
Chicken Fingers – This is a favorite of mine! I like food with some kick so I always get them with buffalo sauce. Sometimes I have the kitchen cover them, and sometimes I dip them myself. The fries to go along with it are delicious as well.


Honda CR-Z

Since I’ve started selling cars I’m going to have some of my personal automobile reviews on this site. To start with I’m giving you the review of the #1 car that I would buy if I were in the market. It’s a Honda CR-Z. Never heard of it? I’m not surprised. It’s a pretty rare car. In fact, only 405 CR-Z’s were sold nationally last month. Compare that to the 33,538 Accords that were sold and you see what a rare find it is. This car holds a lot of sentimental value for me already because it is derived from the same heritage as my del Sol. In the late 80’s the small CRX was debuted, and was replaced by the del Sol from 1993 to 1997. The del Sol was then replaced by Honda’s first hybrid – the Insight. Today the Insight is a sedan, and the CR-Z was introduced as a two seater sport hybrid. Features that I love about this car are its six speed manual transmission, LED running lights and back up camera. The car is small so you can whip it through traffic, and when you turn on the sport mode you get real peppy performance. If you’re into saving fuel you’ll turn on the econ mode.


When I was growing up I hated sports. Firman wanted a brother to play ball with, but that was torture for me. I couldn’t hit a baseball to save my life. I would rather read a book. For a brief time I did join in some soccer games at Ragersville Elementary, but that interest soon fizzled as I was known to kick the ball the wrong way. There were some things that I did enjoy like badminton and croquet. In my grade school years I didn’t mind that I didn’t fit in with the sports crowd, but once I got older I actually put in some effort with sports. I took swimming lessons at the YMCA in New Philadelphia. When I moved to Cincinnati I took tennis lessons. When I moved to Atlanta I bought rollerblades and joined a GoKickball team. But truth be said I still suck at all those new sports I tried. There is only one sports activity I’m any good at and that’s running! I started running when I moved into Covington, KY. I loved running over the Ohio River into Cincinnati and back via the Roebling Suspension Bridge. Running became even better when I discovered Nike+ to track my runs. Today I enjoy competing in 5K and 10K races. I’m currently training to run my second Peachtree Road Race which is the world’s largest 10K with 55,000 other runners on July 4th.


Tax Assistance

I’ve held many different positions in the tax preparation industry over the years, but what gives me the most enjoyment is my ability to help out my friends and family at this time of year. My Atlanta friends will meet me at the Carroll Street Cafe for brunch, or have me over to their house. Friends from Ohio, Indiana and New Jersey will email their documents. Usually the last to file will be my parents who send their documents via snail mail. I don’t charge any of these folks, but I’ve gotten some very generous dinners, drinks and tips.

Cabbagetown Community Garden

After being on a waiting list last summer I’m thrilled to have plot #7 in the Cabbagetown Community Garden! Yes, I now have my very own plot of dirt to plant in whatever I like. Spading, planting, watering, weeding and harvesting weren’t my favorite tasks as a kid, but it sounds like a lot of fun now. I want to plant all of the following:

  • Zucchini
  • Brussel Sprouts
  • Lettuce
  • Cilantro
  • Tomatoes
  • Onions
  • Radishes
  • Okra

My urban farming buddy, Tiffany Smith, has been ever so generous to offer me some starts she’s planted in a mini greenhouse. Tomorrow I’m planning to take a trip to Lowe’s for a shovel, hoe and rake. The only thing I’m not sure where to get in the city is the cow manure we used to fertilize our garden in the country!



While growing up I never knew the significance of lent.  Since I’ve moved to the city I’ve learned that lent is the 40 days leading up to Easter and commences on Ash Wednesday. Traditionally people give up something as a way to reflect on sin and grow closer to God. This year is the first time I’ve officially observed lent.  It started with City Church-Eastside‘s Ash Wednesday service where I got the traditional mark of ashes.  Since then I have given up going out to lunch during the work week.  I chose this because it’s a budget item I spend way too much money on and it’s much healthier to bring home cooked meals. I’m glad to say that Easter is just around the corner and I have remained true to my commitment.  In fact, I expect since this I will go out for lunch far less than before.

AMA-Atlanta Young Professionals Planning an Entrepreneur Panel

I’m excited to be going to The Ivy in Buckhead tonight to meet with the American Marketing Association‘s committee of Young Professionals. We’re planning our next event which will be a panel of entrepreneurs from Scoutmob, King of Pops and Frozen Pints. It’ll be moderated by Eric Holtzclaw. I love how my whole committee pitches in to help plan these events. A big THANK YOU to: