While growing up I never knew the significance of lent.  Since I’ve moved to the city I’ve learned that lent is the 40 days leading up to Easter and commences on Ash Wednesday. Traditionally people give up something as a way to reflect on sin and grow closer to God. This year is the first time I’ve officially observed lent.  It started with City Church-Eastside‘s Ash Wednesday service where I got the traditional mark of ashes.  Since then I have given up going out to lunch during the work week.  I chose this because it’s a budget item I spend way too much money on and it’s much healthier to bring home cooked meals. I’m glad to say that Easter is just around the corner and I have remained true to my commitment.  In fact, I expect since this I will go out for lunch far less than before.


AMA-Atlanta Young Professionals Planning an Entrepreneur Panel

I’m excited to be going to The Ivy in Buckhead tonight to meet with the American Marketing Association‘s committee of Young Professionals. We’re planning our next event which will be a panel of entrepreneurs from Scoutmob, King of Pops and Frozen Pints. It’ll be moderated by Eric Holtzclaw. I love how my whole committee pitches in to help plan these events. A big THANK YOU to:

Krog Street Tunnel

When I first saw the Krog Street Tunnel I was scared.  I thought all of that graffiti meant I was in a crime ridden neighborhood.  Today I love that tunnel.  It’s like a landmark that’s alive with a personality all of it’s own.  If you walk through it today you’ll see flowers, a dog, a marriage proposal and so much more.

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Love my hood!

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The Ribbon Run

Tuesday nights are always enjoyable because it’s when I meet with my Missional Community Group.  We get together for great food, and we’re currently on mission to plan a 5K race for the Atlanta Dream Center.  The Atlanta Dream Center has many programs where they minister to the homeless, rescue prostitutes, raise up underprivileged youth through after school programs and so much more.  The vision of The Ribbon Run is to run with the dream of one of the people the Atlanta Dream Center touches.  I hope you’ll register and run with me.  If you’re able to sponsor that would be much appreciated too!


Growing up in the country there was very little exposure to professional art. My first experience with art was when I moved in next to the Cincinnati Art Museum. There I loved their One World Wednesdays where they celebrated different cultures.  Here in Atlanta there is constant exposure to the arts. My favorite event is The Stacks Holiday Lofts + Artists tour here within my condo community. I also love the 112 Gallery at my church, which hosts fun gallery openings every few months. This weekend I made my second visit to the High Museum of Art.  I love the magnificent building in the heart of Midtown. I’m far from being a good art critic, but I do appreciate it.

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Tax Terms

I’ve been working in a tax office, done call-in radio shows on taxes, and had a few TV appearances. Whenever you talk about taxes people always resort to using all the tax terms like deductions, write-offs, credits, short form, long form and of course refund! Often times refund is the only term that is understood 100%, so I’ll enlighten you with some knowledge on the other terms. A deduction or write off reduces your taxable income, thus reducing your tax or increasing your refund. A business would deduct their business expenses and an individual might deduct their real estate taxes. A credit is much more beneficial because it directly “credits” your tax. Most commonly known is the child tax credit, which gives you $1,000 per qualifying dependent. Short or long form are completely outdated terms, but most commonly refer to whether someone takes advantage of itemized deductions or uses the standard deduction.

Stone Mountain

When I work out I prefer to be outdoors and breathe fresh air!  It’s why you’ll find me jogging instead of pumping weights. Most days I jog around my neighborhood, but when I want a really great workout I’ll head out to Stone Mountain. The 5 mile perimeter is great for running, but a rigorous climb is the best. Walking at a fast pace gets my heart rate thumping and by the time I reach the steepest point I’m panting like a dog. Leisurely strolling up the mountain is also a great place to take out of towners like my family!