Milltown Arms Tavern

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Carroll St in Cabbagetown

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Most TV shows have a central pub, restaurant or coffee shop where everyone congregates with their friends, they run into old acquaintances and lots of conversation takes place. In How I Met Your Mother it’s McLaren’s. In Frasier it’s Cafe Nervosa. In Seinfeld it’s Tom’s Restaurant. If my life were a TV show my place would be Milltown Arms Tavern. It’s the place where everyone from The Stacks and Cabbagetown hang out. On any given night I can walk in, and know there will 10 people I know there already. They’ll be bellied up to the bar chatting with bartenders Clay and HJ, playing Big Buck Hunt, competing in trivia, throwing darts or just kicking back with a beer. They’ve got a great menu of bar food. Here’s my review on all the grub I’ve had there:
Jumbo Wings – These are a regular thing for me. I get them in hot sauce, and they’re just right…not extremely hot but they still have some kick. These might be Cabbagetown’s best wings, but if you want Atlanta’s best wings try out the smoked wings at The Albert or Fox Bros BBQ.
Stuffed Pretzel – I love this pretzel on a late night when I just want a snack. The jalapeño ranch dressing is perfect.
Tots – If you want a basket of social food you found it here. People will be sure to gather round when you’ve got tots to share.
Chicken Rolls – These rolls are incredible as they’re stuffed with chicken, cheese and other deliciousness.
Hummus Plate – I’ve never ordered this myself, but my friend Jenny orders it every time. The bites she’s shared with me have been real good.
Caesar Salad – When I want some healthy food versus bar food I opt for this salad with grilled chicken.
Burgers – I’m not a big burger guy, but I have tried the one with a fried egg. It was good, but my homemade fried egg sandwiches will put it to shame.
Salmon BLT – I love salmon, and I love sandwiches. One would think the two might go together, but they really don’t. Lettuce and tomato just don’t compliment salmon as well as rice and vegetables.
Chicken Fingers – This is a favorite of mine! I like food with some kick so I always get them with buffalo sauce. Sometimes I have the kitchen cover them, and sometimes I dip them myself. The fries to go along with it are delicious as well.