When I was growing up I hated sports. Firman wanted a brother to play ball with, but that was torture for me. I couldn’t hit a baseball to save my life. I would rather read a book. For a brief time I did join in some soccer games at Ragersville Elementary, but that interest soon fizzled as I was known to kick the ball the wrong way. There were some things that I did enjoy like badminton and croquet. In my grade school years I didn’t mind that I didn’t fit in with the sports crowd, but once I got older I actually put in some effort with sports. I took swimming lessons at the YMCA in New Philadelphia. When I moved to Cincinnati I took tennis lessons. When I moved to Atlanta I bought rollerblades and joined a GoKickball team. But truth be said I still suck at all those new sports I tried. There is only one sports activity I’m any good at and that’s running! I started running when I moved into Covington, KY. I loved running over the Ohio River into Cincinnati and back via the Roebling Suspension Bridge. Running became even better when I discovered Nike+ to track my runs. Today I enjoy competing in 5K and 10K races. I’m currently training to run my second Peachtree Road Race which is the world’s largest 10K with 55,000 other runners on July 4th.